How many of you have set goals for yourselves this year? Isn’t that something that we do each year? The goals always start of with really good intentions. Then what happens? I have no idea, life is what happens. I always set goals for myself and they don’t last very long. Then I beat myself up because I have failed, but they get set again. Well this year is no different. I am setting goals for myself, but the goals are going to be a little bit different. They are not going to be exercise, diet, etc. They are going to be crafty goals. Yes crafty goals. What is going to be different about these goals is that I am writing them down and hoping you all will help keep me accountable.

Goal #1 – I want to knit 12 pair of socks. I fell short of this goal last year. I ended up knitting xxx socks. So far I have knit one pair of socks. These are the DK Rib Socks by Simone Byrnes

dk sock

Goal #2 – I want to knit patterns that I have purchased on Ravelry and not knit/crochet yet.

Goal #3 – I want to design a shawl pattern. I have the pattern in my head I just need to knit it up and write the pattern.

Goal #4 – I really want to blog once a week to log what projects I am working on.

I do have more goals, but I better stop with those.

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See ya next week

Summer 2015

Well what can I say except that I am a looser when it comes to blogging. I really wanted to try hard this summer break to blog once a week. Well, that didn’t happen. I am not really sure what happened to summer. I say that every year, but this year it went by quickly. I decided this summer I was NOT going to work on any school things. I held true to that. I also told myself that I was not going up to the building before I had to report back to start setting up my room. So far I have not gone up. I do have to go back on Monday. Not looking forward to seeing how my room is.

Enough rambling, you all probably want to see what I have been up to.

11251148_1616084315275708_1395655443_n_medium 11325278_129626930709051_383353928_n_medium 11380972_1607083659577473_1450889770_n_medium 11809737_594363717369252_1588187894_n_medium 20150716_185101_medium2 angel wings penifore Hitofude 2 image_medium2 (1) image_medium2 (2) image_medium2 Lotus Lace Shawl 3 mamaws dishcloth sockhead ttl mystery shawl 4 Viaduct 1 Woven Dishcloth

All of the project information is on my project page in Ravelry, just search for chikwithyarn.

Til next time.

Coupon Code

couponI am running a coupon code in my Etsy store until the end of the month. If you are looking for a project bag to hold any and all of your projects come on over and use the code aprilshowers10.My store is located at chikwithyarn.etsy.com

Barn Sale Vendor Update.

I received an email letting me know if I was chosen to be a vendor at this year’s Barn Sale Event. Here is the response I got.

We took a look…although your work is lovely (and I can only imagine how long it takes!) we are already full on crochet and sewn items. Sorry about that.

I hope you find another show this fall that works for you. Thank you.

Oh well. I will look for another one.

Big Day

This is a big day for me. It started off with me finally posting items to my Etsy shop. chikwithyarn.etsy.com


I also applied and got my federal tax number.

Last but not least, I put in my application for the Kansas Barn Sale. The venue has been held at a farm here in Kansas. The sale has attracted so many people that this year they are going to hold the sale at the Kansas Coliseum Pavilion this year. This means there is room for more vendors. Hopefully I will be chosen. Exciting and scary!


Spring Break

Well it is Spring Break this week for me here in Doo Dah. I am enjoying and relaxing every moment I can. First we decided to go to the lake for the week. In our new to us camper. It is lovely. We have gone to several different lakes and have caught nothing. No nibble, no bite, NOTHING. Oh well a bad day fishing is better than any day at work.

Lake Camper

We decided to come home on Tuesday night and stay for a couple of days because it is raining and cold here. I don’t want to fish in the rain and cold. Blah. We plan on trying to go back out on Friday somewhere. Not sure where yet, but somewhere.

While on the road and on the lake I finished up the Easy by Martina Behm. It is a lovely pattern and easy to do. I used  2 skeins of Bamboo Pop yarn. This yarn does split a little bit and I did have to be careful, but it turned out great.


While at home I decided to dig into my small balls of yarn and see what I could make with some of the odds and ends yarn. I made 3 of these little cuties. The pattern is Long Tailed Baby Elf Hat. These are addicting. I plan on making more.




I also made the Brain Waves hat.


All Grown Up Ear Warmer


I can’t believe I got all of this out of scrap yarn.

Almost forgot, a couple of weeks ago I made the Crochet Moss/Seed Stitch Scarf out of scrap yarn.


Dig deep into those scrap yarns and see what you can make.

Till next time,


Still Knitting Simple Things

I think the reason I am still knitting simple things is because the stress level has been extremely high lately. It started a couple of weeks ago when I got 4 new Kinders in one week. Are you kidding me. Then the following week we had parent teacher conferences. Those are always stressful because you never know how some of them are going to go. I do have to say that my principal is great about setting in one conferences. I like having him in there just encase the parent starts getting upset. The stress continues. I have four little boys in my room that have behavior problems and I never know from one minute to the next what is going to happen. I found out yesterday that I am going to get another new little boy. Agh ! We also have the end of the 9 weeks in a couple of weeks. On the bright side Spring Break is around the corner and I am so ready.

Onto knitting. I am still working on my Sock Yarn Blanket. I love love working on these little squares. This is my second attempt at making the blanket. The first time I was making the little squares. You cast on 31 stitches. This makes really small squares. I think I got defeated because it was going to take forever and a lot of squares. After watching Fiber By Design podcast I decided to make the larger squares. Lydia and Sara are making a sock yarn blanket also, but they are making their squares larger than what the pattern calls for. They said they cast on 63 stitches. I decided to give it another try and I love the size of each square.


I needed some instant gratification so I got out my Addi Express Knitting machine. I made a few more charity hats. This time I made them with a brim. I think I might have to keep the slouchy gray one for myself. I also love the Pom Poms. They are so fun and easy to make.






I picked up some more yarn from Picket Fence Quilt Co to make another shop model. I decided on the Easy Scarf by Martina Behm. This is another pattern that is easy. Doesn’t take any brain cells to knit. I love this pattern so far.


I haven’t done any spinning this week. It seems like a lot of effort I don’t have right know.

I did contact a designer and am doing a test knit for her. Shh I can’t share with you right now, but I will later.

I’m off to do a little crafting before herding cats all day. Have a great week and see you next time.