Night Stand

We have been very busy around here. The weather has been wonderful, but here in Kansas it is very “BREEZY”. Since the weather is warming up I am getting the gardening bug. I have attempted several times for a garden, but just can’t get the produce. So this year hubby and I have built raised beds. This weekend I had the day off on Friday and asked dear hubby how much topsoil to get delivered so we could fill the beds. He told me 10 ton. What?! So the obedient wife that I am ordered the soil. We are now finished with the beds. Will post pics later.

In the midst of building garden beds I came across one of my favorite blogs, Knock off Wood. I decided to make The Simplest Nightstand because younger son has wanted a nightstand for his room. So the super mom that I am decided to make one all by myself. Mine is a little smaller in size because of the space it has to fit in, but hubby and young son love it. I am very proud of myself!

This is not the best picture. I took it with my phone, but you can get the jest.


Tacky Tuesday

Okay. I took one of my treasures from this past weekend and spruced it up a little. I love it! This little gold frame has been given new life. I took the little gold frame that I paid $2.99 and painted it Brushed Nickle. This is my favorite new color.

I then took this wonderful Spray adhesive and sprayed it on the back of some fabric and the backing of the picture frame.

I was looking for the perfect picture to put in my new frame. I came across this picture of my grandmother when she was a child. I had forgotten that I even had it. What a wonderful find.

Now my new frame is put in place with the cute little bowl that I found at Goodwill.

Total cost for the frame was 2.49. What a deal for a new look. Good luck on your turning tacking into Treasure.

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Been Busy

Okay, I thought I was going to be good about this blogging thing. I really did have good intentions of writing daily. Hasn’t happened. I have been following and readying everyone’s blogs. So many wonderful and inspiring ideas out there. Well you all have inspired me. These are a few of my recent finds at the Goodwill. Can’t wait to fix a few of my treasures.

That is a cute little hat in the corner. I have seen them at Specialty stores for $40. I got it for 99 cents.

That’s right this mirror was only $4.99. It is a heavy mirror. I can’t imagine what the original price was.

Another Baby Quilt Finished

Quilting the baby blanket. I am getting a little frustrated because my upper thread keeps breaking.

Finished quilting and now time for the binding. I was planning on rolling the backing over and using that for the binding. That won’t work because I didn’t leave enough room when I pinned it all together. Oh well, I guess this means a trip to the fabric store.
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