Sleepy Sunday

Well we have received about every type of weather you can think of.  Yesterday morning we woke up to a fog advisory until mid morning.  Then in the afternoon we had severe thunderstorms, hail, a tornado south of town somewhere, then last but not least a 50% chance of snow. 

Hubby and I enjoyed a few cups of coffee before church.  While he was surfing the net I fed my animals on Frontierville then continued working on my January sock of the month, Nippers.  This is how far I am.

I’m not sure about the yarn yet.  I love the color of it, but the texture not so sure.  I am hoping it is going to soften up.

We then went to church and I came home and put a chicken in the smoker.  I love smoked meat.  It is so easy, I just put it in and let it cook all day.  All I have to do it check on the amount of smoke chips.  While the chicken is smoking I worked on my socks some more and wanted to join my girl Doxie in taking a nap.

But decided to play one of my favorite games with hubbie and son.  BLOKUS!  I rocked the game today.

Hope you had a great, relaxing weekend.



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