We all go through phases in life. I think some of us go through phases in our crafting also. Sometimes I just crochet things and sometimes I just knit. I love being able to go back and forth between he two. Right now I am in my knitting phase. In my knitting phase I have been in a shawl phase. I love making them. They are so versatile. 



This one is called The Laera Shawl. I started it because I joined a KAL on Craftsy.  The pattern didn’t call for the beads, but I wanted to give out a little something extra.


The Cowboy Cowl was a fun and quick knit.I used worsted weight yarn for this.


The most current shawl that I finished is called Verge. It was created by my local yarn shop, Twist.


I have now switched gears a little bit. I am still knitting, but I am currently working on a pair of socks. They are called Knot Socks by Nancy Bush. I love the cable pattern on this sock. 



2 thoughts on “Phases

  1. “Phases” is the perfect title for your first piece! You beautifully blended and moved from color to color. I really like! Jewelry

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