Summer is almost over

I can’t believe summer is almost over. One of my goals this summer was to blog more. Well that didn’t happen. I blogged once. Oh well, life goes on. I do have to say it has been a very busy summer. To start off I decided to fish in the Kansas Walleye Association Tournaments this summer. My fishing partner was another woman. We were the one and only team that has every fished the KWA tournaments. That was just one hurdle to get over. It was so much fun to fish. We fished five different tournaments over two months. The last weekend in June was our last tournament. After all the tournaments we placed 28th out of 60 teams. I have to say for these two girls that have never fished by themselves, we did pretty darn good. I am very proud of what we accomplished this summer.

Then three days after the tournament my family left for a week and a half vacation. Our travels took us to Lake Oahe in South Dakota. Man that was a long drive, 10.5 hours. BLAH.

Now that all of that is finished I am in school mode. School starts here August 14th. I have to report back on August 6th. That is just a few days away. I have been up to my building already getting my room ready for the little people. I should have taken progressive photos of my classroom. It looked like a tornado hit it. It has to get messy before you see progress. I am happy with the way it has turned out. I also have to give a big shout out to my mom for coming up and helping me. She even ran a couple of errands for me.

I have gotten a couple of things completed in the knit and/or crochet world. I did finish my Knot Socks by Nancy Bush.



I bought a Majacraft Spinning Wheel this summer. I have been looking for a different wheel for a year know. I finally found this beauty. I love it.


Here is a hank of yarn that I spun on my new beauty.


Well gotta go. Til next time.





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