Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I love entering items in the State Fair. This is my 3rd year for doing so. It is so fun and nerve racking at the same time. This year I entered 6 items. I am always so nervous when I drop the items off. I just don’t want anything to happen to them. People that do not create things don’t understand this. I dropped my items off Tuesday of last week. I then had a couple of spies go up on Friday and check things out.


A BLUE RIBBON! First place on my knitted socks.


2nd place on my crocheted granny square afghan.


2nd place on my crocheted jacket/shawl. This piece took me forever to crochet. My husband keeps reminding me that it has over 2 miles of yarn in it. DANG!


Last but not least my crocheted owl pillow. This was our Crochet Guild’s challenge this summer. I am happy with all the results. Already planning my projects for next years fair.

P.S. Thanks to Tamara Gonzalez and Susie Kilgroe for being my spies. Also, Congrats to Tamara, Lisa and Amanda for placing in the state fair.



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