I Can See the Light

I love having a break from school. I get to set around in my pjs/sweatpants/yoga pants all day. I also get to knit and crochet to my hearts content. Now that the mad rush of Christmas knitting is almost complete, yes I still have Christmas orders to complete, I can pick up some left behind projects. I picked up my Sylvi again. Today is the day I get to sew the pieces together. Then I just have to knit up the hood, add a few flower petals and then the buttons.  I am so excited.



Cute Little Oma Slippers

This last week has flown by. On Wednesday of last week my class watched the Polar Express. Before we started the movie I gave each of them their slippers. They are so cute on their little feet. They loved them.



Not one.


Not two.


But 22 pair of slippers.


Yes 22 pair of slippers. This year for Christmas I decided to make slippers for each one of my Kinders. I can’t wait to give them this week.

Baby Gift

I have been so busy with end of the semester at school and knitting and crocheting orders. I have a baby shower at school today and knit up this cute and easy sweater. I am in love with it. I plan on making several Baby Sophisticates  in the future.


                                                                                                            20131201_094711-1 (1)