Not Much Accomplished

I didn’t get much accomplished this last week. I don’t know what happened. The week just got away from me. I have been watching Youtube videos, that might be the problem, and found Margaret Olander. She is so inspirational and down to earth. She has several videos or parts of videos on using up some of her “Bits and Bobs”. Bits and Bobs are her opened skeins of yarn that she may have used a lot of or just a little bit of. I have decided to start using up mine. The first step was to go through and find the ones that were opened. Dang that was a job. I only went through 3 drawers. Out of the 3 drawers 2 drawers were opened skeins and I know have one drawer of brand new skeins. That is just the acrylic yarn. Oh well.

Here is another hat I made on the Addi Machine. It turned out ok. The yarn I used for the brim was a little lot fiddley. I made it work. Who ever gets this will love it.



I am still working on my Suke-Suke Cowl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. It is coming along and am on the last repeat. I am getting really nervous because I am going to have to drop stitches, on purpose, pretty soon. Maybe I will make a video of this happening. Then you all can share in my nervousness.


Well that’s all. Til next time.



3 thoughts on “Not Much Accomplished

  1. Girl! It looks to me like you have accomplished just enough; next week will probably be better. At least you got some organizing and that is quite the accomplishment (to me). Hope to see you tonight. We are having chicken tortilla soup with home made chips. 🙂 Love and Hugs, Tamara

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