How many of you have set goals for yourselves this year? Isn’t that something that we do each year? The goals always start of with really good intentions. Then what happens? I have no idea, life is what happens. I always set goals for myself and they don’t last very long. Then I beat myself up because I have failed, but they get set again. Well this year is no different. I am setting goals for myself, but the goals are going to be a little bit different. They are not going to be exercise, diet, etc. They are going to be crafty goals. Yes crafty goals. What is going to be different about these goals is that I am writing them down and hoping you all will help keep me accountable.

Goal #1 – I want to knit 12 pair of socks. I fell short of this goal last year. I ended up knitting xxx socks. So far I have knit one pair of socks. These are the DK Rib Socks by Simone Byrnes

dk sock

Goal #2 – I want to knit patterns that I have purchased on Ravelry and not knit/crochet yet.

Goal #3 – I want to design a shawl pattern. I have the pattern in my head I just need to knit it up and write the pattern.

Goal #4 – I really want to blog once a week to log what projects I am working on.

I do have more goals, but I better stop with those.

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See ya next week