Still Knitting Simple Things

I think the reason I am still knitting simple things is because the stress level has been extremely high lately. It started a couple of weeks ago when I got 4 new Kinders in one week. Are you kidding me. Then the following week we had parent teacher conferences. Those are always stressful because you never know how some of them are going to go. I do have to say that my principal is great about setting in one conferences. I like having him in there just encase the parent starts getting upset. The stress continues. I have four little boys in my room that have behavior problems and I never know from one minute to the next what is going to happen. I found out yesterday that I am going to get another new little boy. Agh ! We also have the end of the 9 weeks in a couple of weeks. On the bright side Spring Break is around the corner and I am so ready.

Onto knitting. I am still working on my Sock Yarn Blanket. I love love working on these little squares. This is my second attempt at making the blanket. The first time I was making the little squares. You cast on 31 stitches. This makes really small squares. I think I got defeated because it was going to take forever and a lot of squares. After watching Fiber By Design podcast I decided to make the larger squares. Lydia and Sara are making a sock yarn blanket also, but they are making their squares larger than what the pattern calls for. They said they cast on 63 stitches. I decided to give it another try and I love the size of each square.


I needed some instant gratification so I got out my Addi Express Knitting machine. I made a few more charity hats. This time I made them with a brim. I think I might have to keep the slouchy gray one for myself. I also love the Pom Poms. They are so fun and easy to make.






I picked up some more yarn from Picket Fence Quilt Co to make another shop model. I decided on the Easy Scarf by Martina Behm. This is another pattern that is easy. Doesn’t take any brain cells to knit. I love this pattern so far.


I haven’t done any spinning this week. It seems like a lot of effort I don’t have right know.

I did contact a designer and am doing a test knit for her. Shh I can’t share with you right now, but I will later.

I’m off to do a little crafting before herding cats all day. Have a great week and see you next time.


Simple Knitting

For a few weeks I have been doing a lot of unknitting. Not sure what is going on. It might be the head cold that I have been fighting since before Christmas. I decided to pick up some simple knitting, because one is not productive when they reverse knit.

First project I finished up is Bankhead by Susie Gourlay. I love this pattern and can see knitting up some more of them. I used Schoppel Wolle Reggae Ombre. This yarn is wonderful.

The other simple knitting project I did is the Vanilla Socks [Toe-up & afterthought heel]by Carle’ Dehning. I didn’t do the afterthought heel. I did Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. The yarn is Zitron Trekking XXL. Love this yarn also.

I got on the band wagon for the left over sock yarn blankets that are going around. I decided to cast on 63 stitches. I love the size of the blocks. I have done 3 blocks in the past two days. I can understand now why everyone loves these little blocks. They are fun and simple to knit. Not much brain power is used for these.


I have also done a little bit of spinning on my Turkish Spindle. Not sure what the fiber is.


Till next time.


I’m Back (Again)

Whom ever said blogging is quick and easier does not tell the truth. I really have good intentions of blogging about my knitting, but life keeps getting in the way. So, here is what is going on currently.


Pattern: Bankhead Hat by Susie Gourlay
Yarn: Reggae Ombre
Needles: Size 7


Pattern: Hornet Socks by Heather Walker
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot
Needles: 1.5 US 2.5mm

I am part of the Addicted to Sock Knitting group on Facebook. There is a KAL for knitting your stash down for the year 2015. You picked 12 different sock yarns out of your stash then had someone place a skein of yarn in a bag labeled with each month of the year. Then at the beginning of the month you open the bag to see which yarn you are going to knit a pair of socks with. I love my January yarn, the only problem is that the sock is to big, so I am going to rip it out and cast on for a smaller size. A little annoying, but I want them to fit right.


Pattern: Sock Yarn Square by Shannon Geddes
Yarn: Unknown
Needles: 1.5 US 2.5mm

My Knitting Guild is doing a Sock Blanket KAL. I decided to be a little different and knit a different square than everyone else. I really love all these little skeins of yarn. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.



I made another project bag. This one is made out of an old tea towel. I love it.

Pattern: Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland
Yarn: Madelinetosh DK
Colorway: Cobalt
Needles: 8 US
I really loved working with this yarn. This is my first time working with Madelinetosh yarn. It is very yummy and squishy.



I am working with my Turkish Spindle. I think I am getting the hang of it. I have a little bump of this unknown fiber and I love it. It was gifted to me and I wish I knew what it was because I would love to spin with more of it.

Summer Vacation

The end of the year crazy is finally finished. I was very blessed to have the group of Kinders I had this year. It is amazing how far the come in 8.5 months. Everyone was reading easy books by the end of school. I took my class to the Library and the Librarian did any activity with them. When I picked them up she was so amazed that all of them wrote a full sentence and some wrote more. She was so excited for them that they were able to do that. Makes me happy.

It is Memorial Day weekend and I am spending time at the lake for the next three days. I love it.


Have a great weekend.

Checking in

Just checking in. Not much accomplished in the world of yarn. Actually,  nothing accomplished. This time of year is so busy at school and home. So, I am at the lake this weekend.  Relaxing and enjoying so rays.


Sweater and Socks

I just finished The Lighthouse Keepers Wife sweater. There is suppose to be a hood, but I decided to leave it so it looks like a sailors collar. The pattern called for size 13 needles, but I used size 11. The yarn I used was Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Solid.



I am also working on Thigh High Stripes by Deborah Newton. I am using Knit Picks Palette yarn. I am letting the socks marinade because I am not sure about the green color. What do you think? I wonder if I should have a brighter green. 



I also set another challenge for myself this year. I want to read 20 books in 2014. So far I have read 7 books. I just finished The Giver by Lois Lowry last night.

This was a strange book. 

I started The Maize Runner by James Dashner this morning. I am only 3 chapters in and love it so far. The movie comes out in September. Can’t wait to see it.

Well gotta go. Til next time and happy knitting.

A few things

Here are my finished objects for this week.

I have tons of cotton in my stash. I decided to crochet some dish clothes. The pattern is called Woven Stitch. The pattern can be found here. I love this pattern and it works up really fast.




I have finished my Suke-Suke Cowl. It is on my blocking mats and can’t wait to wear it. The way the weather has been around here I should be able to wear it this week.





Nothing new came off my Addi Kingsize. Maybe next week.

Til then.